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Amazon Music is an immersive audio-first entertainment service spanning music and spoken word that connects customers, artists, and creators through music, stories, culture and community. Try it for yourself by downloading the Amazon Music app or listen for free on web at music.amazon.com.

My work has been making some noise lately at Amazon Music and around the world.

Amazon Music continues to grow beyond just a streaming service like Spotify or Apple Music. We do things that makes us uniquely Amazon: driving innovation in how we consume different music forms, content, and mostly, shopping in the music space.

I joined the team at 2020 as a Product Designer, and within two years, lead several projects touching across various touchpoint on Amazon Music as a Senior Product Designer. Here are some projects I lead over the course of 3 years at Amazon Music. Stay tuned for even cooler work launching in 2023.

Launched projects

Coming soon

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