Individual design work. Worked with 2 Amazon Music PM’s, and more many more across retail.

Role & Responsibility

Create E2E UX flows for mobile, mWeb, web, and desktop app. User research and testing.


Figma, Sketch, inVision, UserZoom, Alida

Billions of customers visiting had missed out on experiencing Amazon Music

When I first joined Amazon in 2020, Amazon Prime stood out as one of the most successful subscription services, boasting over 150 million customers. Delving into the traffic data of reveals an astonishing figure of over 4 billion customers visiting our retail site annually. However, it became apparent that a significant portion of our retail customers remained unaware of Amazon Music's existence.

In stark contrast to Prime Video, there existed no avenue for customers to stream music directly through Recognizing this gap, our project aimed to seize a transformative opportunity at the top of the funnel, thereby placing music effortlessly within the grasp of our retail customers.

Immerse yourself in music while you browse and shop on

We collaborated closely with retail teams to seamlessly integrate our Web Music player on Recognizing that customers were already in a shopping mindset, we focused on enabling additional purchasing opportunities, such as buying MP3s, physical merchandise, and more.

Experience it firsthand now on!

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